Junebug Weddings has been holding an annual wedding photography contest  for the past 7 years, to identify and recognise the best images.

This year, the contest attracted more than 10,000 entries from wedding photographers in 45 countries.  These are some of the amazing shots that made the top 50.

Jacob-Loafman-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015Photo by Jacob Loafman
Plus-One-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015Photo by Plus One
Amanda-Basteen-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015-2Photo by Amanda Basteen


Photo by Patina Photography


Gabe-McClintock-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015Photo by Gabe McClintock


Fer-Juaristi-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015-2Photo by Fer Juaristi


Photo by Dylan M Howell Photography


Dina-Chmut-Photography-Best-Wedding-Photo-2015Photo by Dina Chmut


Photo by The Apartment Photography


Photo by Diktat Photography


Photo by David Y Oriana


Photo by Hendra Lesmana


Photo by F5 Photography


78fd211b4fa9cb8b34e8cf7d39361307Photo by Ed Peers


Photo by The Wayfarers Photography


Photo by Jordan Voth


Photo by This Morning Love


Photo by Danny Dong




Photo by Jordan Both


You can view the entire collection of winning shots in this gallery.