A newlywed couple in Bendigo in central Victoria spent the day after their wedding riding a giant waterslide in their wedding clothes.

Leisa and Chris Lenon were married in a garden ceremony on Saturday and had a few rides down the slide on Sunday before heading off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

The City Slider  – a 325 metre long waterslide – was in the city for one day only yesterday (it travels to various locations around the country).

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Leisa told Fairfax Media that she and Chris are thrill-seekers and she wasn’t worried about ruining her wedding dress.

“We’re big kids, and we couldn’t wait,” she said.

The inspiration to ride the slide in their wedding clothes came after Leisa made an offhand remark on Instagram joking about going down the slide in their wedding gear. With their friends and family encouraging them to do it, they took the plunge.

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Photos: Fairfax Media