We’ve all had terrible high-heel experiences. There’s nothing worse than those gorgeous shoes turning into torture implements once you’ve been wearing them for a while. Actually, yes, there is something worse: when those gorgeous shoes are your WEDDING shoes.

Here are our shoe top tips to help improve your comfort on the day:

1. Make sure you break them in!

This is super important: when you buy your shoes, you need to break them in to avoid the inevitable blisters that come from wearing new heels. Walk around the house in them.  This also ensures you can walk in them properly. If they don’t feel right before the wedding, they won’t feel right on the day!

2. Make sure they fit properly

Don’t cheat on this one and go a size up or cram your feet into a size down because they are all out of your size in that perfect pair you’re drooling over. Just don’t do it. Your shoes need to be just right – not too tight and not too loose. If they’re loose you’ll hurt your foot muscles trying to keep them on. And if they’re too tight…ouch!

3. Consider the heel height

Don’t leave your shoe purchases to the last minute – they’re actually an important part of the alterations process which happens months before the wedding. Your dress will be altered to the height of your heel.  If you don’t get this right, you can trip over the hem of your dress!

4. Don’t get drunk

Try to avoid getting drunk at your reception. Heels and drink have a terrible relationship, and you don’t want to be the really drunk bride wobbling everywhere in her heels. Have fun and have a few drinks by all means, but try not to overdo it.

5. Have a backup pair of flats

Yes, your shoes are amazing but at the end of the day they still might hurt your feet. Have a spare pair of comfortable shoes on hand for the reception so you can hit the dance floor without pain.

Photo credit: Flickr/Unc Bianca