You’ve pored over bridal magazines, websites and Pinterest and think you have a handle on all the different wedding dress styles out there.

Now it’s time to take the plunge and see if there’s a gown out there that you can say yes to. Keep these tips in mind to help make your dress buying experience go as smoothly as possible.

1. Don’t get overwhelmed

If you overdo it and try on too many dresses in the one day, you’re going to end up confused and quite possibly unable to commit to one dress.  Try starting your search on Pinterest and create a board that reflects your taste and budget

2. Go shopping when you’re ready to buy

When you make your appointments, be clear with them about your wedding date. A good rule of thumb is to shop about 8 months out – any earlier than that and you’ll find that the bridal seasons have changed. Most gowns are made overseas and have a minimum 5 month lead-time.

3. Keep your mind open

The dress on the rack you don’t think is going to look any good on you might actually be THE ONE. Gowns can often look a bit boring on the hanger.

4. Your opinion matters most

Don’t get pressured by anyone else into buying something you don’t love. Your mum, sisters and friends will all have opinions, and so will the people trying to sell you dresses, but at the end of the day even if everyone else loves you in the gown and YOU hate it, it isn’t the dress for you.

5. Trust your choice

Sometimes the right dress can actually be the first one you try on. It isn’t actually meant to be a difficult process to find a wedding dress. If you’ve found the perfect gown in the first shop you’ve visited, don’t confuse yourself by continuing to try on dozens more dresses. Start looking for accessories and shoes instead!

Image credit: Flickr/Billy Metcalf