An American photographer has taken the sweetest photos of a couple who have been married for 57 years, in a photo shoot inspired by The Notebook.

Stacy Welch-Christ from Mary Evelyn Photography in Oklahoma spoke to Put A Ring On It and explained the background to her beautiful photos that have gone viral:

“I actually have a very special place in my heart for the older generation and the legacy they leave,” Stacy says.


“My photography business is named after my grandmothers who have both passed away. I had wanted to do a photo shoot with my grandparents, but they never got well enough again to be able to do it.


“A friend of mine messaged me one day and put the idea in my head to check with Clemma and Sterling and see if they would want to do just a sweet shoot showing their love. They are actually my sister-in-law’s grandparents and two of the sweetest people on earth, knowing that the idea would be special to me.


“My mind immediately went to “The Notebook” because it’s such a beautiful movie with a sweet message about lasting love. I contacted my sister-in-law to see if she thought Nanaw and Papaw (Clemma and Sterling) would be comfortable doing it. We thought what a special gift that would be to them to hold onto, the memory of the shoot itself and the photos.


“They agreed…they were a little nervous because they had never done anything like that. We met Friday night and they showed up with their sweet little outfits on. The dress we found at a thrift store to match what she would have worn and also that would go along with the theme. Sterling has a collection of hats and that sweet hat he had on and clothes were actually his.


“They wrote love messages to each other, brought polaroids of their first dates and the whole shoot was the sweetest thing to witness. We were tearing up from the first pose. They are so in love….it was completely natural.


“There were sweet giggles as they held each other and they both have said they will cherish as a wonderful memory,” Stacy said.


Stacy also shared some of the words of wisdom shared by the couple on what has kept their marriage alive for so long.


“Clemma told me: ‘I love people and I want to love and hug on them. I wanted someone who was also full of love. Sterling is such a loving person. We tell each other we love one another at least 10 times through the day. That’s what I wanted in a husband and he said that when he saw me, he knew that I was the one.’


“Clemma also said: ‘You have to work at marriage. Marriage is an inspiration if you treat it right.’ ”

notebook10Stacy says that the couple’s love for one another after all these years was obvious.

Their sweet kisses and the way he would guide her to make sure she wouldn’t stumble and fall, and when she was getting up into the truck, it was just like you’d imagine the perfect gentlemen doing,” she says.


Since Stacy posted the shoot on her Facebook page last Friday, it has been shared more than 28,000 times and liked 10,000 times.

“I think the reason this post has been so popular has mostly to do with the fact that they give us hope and that love is worth working through, and for,” she says.


“I believe in capturing moments and looking to them for inspiration and the legacy that we leave…what does it say about us? Did we choose a legacy of love? I hope my photos have captured those moments that we do choose love, so when there are tough times…we can look to them for inspiration to keep trying.”


Photographs: Mary Evelyn Photography. Used with permission.