A photo of a bride in an unconventional wedding dress uploaded to Imgur has divided opinion.

The gown starts with a classic lace up top and then falls to an ombre sunset at the bottom.


Photo: Imgur

While lots of the commenters on Imgur loved it, there were others who weren’t very kind.

“Like a beautiful, enchanted coffee filter,” one commenter said.

“I can’t wait to see the Pinterest fails from this one,” said another.

While another said “Oh I thought it was just dragged through the mud”.

The colourful creation was the work of bride and artist Taylor Ann who explains on her website that white is not allowed in her closet, and she is a  big fan of colour.

“For months I had been cutting out and coloring pieces of lace I planed on stitching to the dress,” Taylor writes.

“As I laid it on the dress though it just did not look how I wanted, instead of a fade from one color to the next it just looked like patchy flowers that were messy and hard to even see. I scrapped that idea and started brainstorming a few others like colorful tulle(too light), puffy paint(too shiny) and fabric dyes (didn’t take color well).

“Finally I was fed up with all these tests and fails, so I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it. and kept spraying it more and more. All in all it was about 3 layers of paint on each layer of fabric and even on the inside of the lace edge.”

Taylor’s theme was “Sunset in White Woods” and the colours she airbrushed on her dress reflect the hues you see in the sky at dusk.

Top photo: James Tang Photography via TaylorAnnArt.com