There are wedding cakes that are out of this world, and then there are wedding cakes that are out of  this world.

The latter is what was created by a  Reddit user named Skizorbit who runs the Darling Delights bakery in Ohio, after being asked to create a galaxy-themed cake, cupcake and cookies for a friend’s wedding.

“I covered the cake with white fondant and the cupcakes with white icing, then airbrushed the gradient and colors on the cupcakes. The galaxy, trees, and stars are all painted on using paint brushes, sponges, and food coloring,” the baker says.

It looks like it would be too magnificent to eat!


galaxy-cake-wedding-space-cupcakes-skozorbit-5 galaxy-cake-wedding-space-cupcakes-skozorbit-3 galaxy-cake-wedding-space-cupcakes-skozorbit-2

H/T: Bored Panda
Images: Imgur/Skizorbut