Lots of couples looking for a destination wedding in a faraway and stunning place are tying the knot in Iceland, and once you see their photos you’ll understand why.

Despite the fact it’s called Iceland, the Nordic island nation situated in the North Atlantic Ocean is mostly green. Quite strikingly green, actually, and is only about 15% ice.

While it might not be the cheapest place to travel to, it is a great option for an elopement. And don’t forget to pack a coat.

There’s snow-peaked mountains, spectacular waterfalls, ice caves, black sandy beaches, and even a volcano or two… making Iceland the land of fire and ice and lush lush greenery. It can even look quite enchanted, like something from a fairytale.

Have a look at some of these photos… it’s easy to see why these couples have opted for Iceland as the perfect place to get hitched.

1.  Photo opps in front of a glacier…

2. Or in front of cascading waterfalls

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3. Or on a mountain

Two on a mountain.

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4. Or in the middle of a road with some photo bombers

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5.  Inside unique rock formations next to the sea

6. Or in a field of emerald green

7. On a black sandy beach

8. Or in front of some sort of fairytale house

9. Or in a meadow of wildflowers

10. Or on the ice


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11. Or under the Northern Lights

12. Or next to the waterfall

Top photo: Instagram/@virginiaandevan