If you regularly binge-watch TV shows with your partner you can improve the quality of your relationship and commitment, according to researchers.

This is good news for anyone who has ever spent a day or two on the couch in front of Breaking Bad or Orange Is The New Black with their significant other.

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland found that couples who regularly watched TV shows and movies that both partners like, the higher they rated their relationship quality and commitment to the relationship.

In particular, couples who didn’t have a shared social circle often compensated for this by “adopting” the on-screen characters as their own social group.

The study, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, measured the extent to which people shared media with their partners, if they had friends in common and how they rated the relationship.

It found that when couples didn’t share many friends, sharing media strongly predicted their relationship quality. The more they shared media with their partners, the more they reported they felt close to and committed to their partner, and vice versa.

According to study lead Dr Sarah Gomillion: “Relationships are a very big contributor to our physical and psychological health so understanding how relationships can be better and how you can improve relationships can also improve our physical and psychological health.

“What these results suggest to us is that when people have a hole in their social network that they share with their partners – they might become more motivated to share media as a way to compensate for that deficit,” she says.

“Watching TV with a partner or watching a movie you both like is a really easy way to improve relationship quality and anyone can do it at any time so if this is something that is good for relationships, it might help us identify an intervention that can improve relationship quality.”

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