So you’ve got the bling on your ring finger and you want to show the world.  These days it’s almost obligatory to show off your sparkler on Insta or Facey with an engagement ring selfie.

You want to showcase your rock perfectly, and you’ve probably seen tonnes of other pics where the wearer of the ring managed to slay it. How do you get the perfect engagement ring selfie?

1.  It’s all about the light

Don’t use your camera’s flash or take a shot in a dark room. Take your pic in a nice, naturally lit place with even lighting. You want overcast sky (direct sunlight is too  harsh) or somewhere there’s nice window light without the harsh shadows. If you’re doing it indoors, turn off any lights and aim for near a window. If  you have more than one source of light, it isn’t going to look so good.

2. Avoid distracting backgrounds

If you keep your background simple, your ring is going to pop because peoples’ eyes will be drawn to the brightest part of the photo – your ring!

Because of course we had to include the purple wall into our special day 💍

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3. Get the position right

The best way to shoot your ring is to hold it straight on, the way you’d look at it on  your hand. Another way is to do a face selfie with you smiling as you bring it up to your face.  Or holding hands with your other half can also give a unique angle.

When you see it lol. Life change#engaged💍 #iloveyou

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4. Go easy on the Instagram filters

Insta filters can actually make your photos look like crap. They can make your skin tones look weird and can cause you to lose details, depending on which ones you use.


Top image: Flickr/FJH Photography