Weddings have changed a lot since your parents got hitched and sometimes it can be a bit hard for your mum and other relos to wrap their heads around as they make suggestions that seem like they are straight out of the dark ages.

Here are some of the differences between how brides today are planning their weddings and how their mums did it.

1.  Today’s bride doesn’t rely on wedding magazines

Millennial brides still find some of their inspiration in glossy wedding mags, but they also use online sources a lot, including wedding blogs, Pinterest and Instagram.


2. Social media

Deciding whether or not to have an unplugged wedding, giving guests instructions about what they can and can’t post online, and even coming up with an official wedding hashtag are things your mum would never have had to consider, like, ever.


3. DIY projects

DIYing aspects of your wedding (invitations, decorations, flowers and so on) has traditionally been done to save money. That does drive a lot of brides today to do so, but they also like the personal connection of pouring their hearts into the details of their day.


4. Ditching traditions

Today’s bride might wear white, but if she doesn’t it isn’t a big deal, and non-traditional gowns are becoming quite common place. Cakes aren’t always white fondant covered fruitcakes – they might not even be made from cake at all. Bridal parties might be mixed genders. She might ditch the bridal party entirely. The father of the bride might not walk her down the aisle or give her away. She is comfortable not following a script and making her day uniquely her own.

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5. Destination weddings

Back in your parents’ day, it was quite rare for everyone to head off to a far-flung location for a wedding. These days, destination weddings are extremely popular options. And not just within Australia, lots of people head overseas with their families and friends as well.

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6. Surprise weddings

Another millennial trend is the surprise wedding – inviting everyone together for a gathering like an engagement or a birthday party (usually a milestone like a 30th) and surprising them with a wedding.

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