A popular Lebanese Instagrammer’s epic wedding gown has gone viral on social media.

Dana Wolley Zagat was married on July 29 this year in a stunning custom gown that took more than a year of work by designer Esposa.

She posted on Insta that she originally went shopping for a dress off the rack, but felt something was missing.

“”I started by checking out simple designer gowns at @esposagroup they are all stunning, but I felt I needed something made just for me and faaar from simple! It’s go big or go home for me!” she said.



They journey of the wedding gown’s creation was documented on Instagram and soon the dress even had its own hashtag.

A staff of several people were involved in creating it, with the beating alone taking two months of the team working days and nights.

Finally when it was revealed, it was not white! The champagne gown with intricate and ornate beading sparkled all over, and was complemented by Mouawad jewels.


Can't believe how fast time flies.. 29-7-2016 best day of my life 👰🏻 #DoonieAndSamer #DoonieXEsposa

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The rest of the wedding was every bit the glammed up fairytale to match the princess gown.

Flowers and sparkle were everywhere.

Always bringing fairytale glamour to our weddings 💫 #doonieandsamer

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Still dreaming of #doonieandsamer's beautiful wedding 💕

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Top image: Instagram/Dana Wolley Zagat