The humble naked cake that’s been a wedding trend for the past few years has come under fire on the internet.

Turns out that the frosting free/dirty iced staple that’s all over Pinterest and was probably at the last wedding you attended actually doesn’t impress everyone.

If you don’t know what a naked cake is, it’s a layer cake served with either no frosting or very little frosting on the sides.

According to Country Living, there was a lot of backlash on a picture of a naked cake they recently posted on their Instagram account.

Reasons to go to that #wedding: For the stunning cake 😍

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Some followers called it “unfinished,” “sloppy” and a “horrible fad.”  While another commented that it looked like they ran out of frosting.

The hate isn’t just limited to the Country Living commenters. Recently called naked cakes one of the worst wedding trends, according to planners.

A lot of complaints about naked cakes seem to be that the cake, while looking all rustic and pretty, actually tastes really dry.

Looking back at this deliciousness #nakedcake #victoriasponge #weddingcake

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Even if a small amount of buttercream is applied so it is nearly naked (called a crumb coating) the cake itself might dry out.  And nobody likes dry cakes.


Of course you can’t please everyone. We all know people who complain that they don’t like fondant or any frosting whatsoever. Naked cakes theoretically cater to these people. But you can eat around icing if you don’t like it… you can’t eat around a dried out cake.

There are ways to keep a naked cake moist, and this is one of those reasons why you should use a reputable, experienced baker if you want to successfully pull off the naked cake at your wedding. Just be prepared that some people love icing and will be disappointed at not having any.

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