Picking a quirky or gimmicky date to get married on can be fun and can help you easily remember your wedding anniversary… but it can also increase your chances of divorce, according to researchers.

Economists from the University of Melbourne found that weddings celebrated on special dates like Valentines Day or numerically significant dates like 9/9/99 or 01/02/03 were between 18 and 36 per cent more likely to end in divorce, compared with weddings that take place on “ordinary” dates.

The findings are contained in a report Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Day Divorce Risks which is the first of its kind in the world, and looked at the fate of more than one million marriages over 15 years.

The researchers studied 15 Valentine’s Days, 13 same-number dates (like 11/11/11), 11 sequential dates (for example 10/11/12) and another 12 dates that repeated a number contained in the date or the month with the year (such as 20/03/2003).

The report found that people married on these special dates were more likely to have been married before and have children.

The lead author of the report, Professor David Ribar, told the Herald Sun that couples opting for gimmick wedding dates were often more influenced by external factors than what was happening in their relationships.

“Couples who marry on ordinary dates may be more strongly influenced by characteristics of their relationships and their compatibility, than couples who marry on special dates,” he said.

“Couples motivated by internal processes have a deeper commitment when they decide to marry on the quality of their relationships.

“Other couples are influenced by things outside their relationship such as an event that has happened to them that has brought them together — or an opportunity to marry on a certain day,” he said.

Photo credit: Flickr/Bored-now