The couple on Facebook always posting about how perfect their relationship might not have the perfect relationship after all.

A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by researchers from Northwestern University has found that people often ramp up their “relationship visibility” if they feel insecure about their partner’s affections.

The study involved surveying 108 couples from a university in Canada who were listed as “in a relationship” on Facebook. This included open relationships and marriages.

Each participant had to keep a daily journal for two weeks, logging how secure they were feeling about their relationship and how they interacted on Facebook that day.

Trained coders then analysed their Facebook profiles and took into account how much time they spent on the social network and how many posts each partner shared about the relationship.

They discovered that on days when one partner was feeling insecure about their romance, he or she shared mroe statuses, photos or posts with or about the other partner.

So just because a couple looks super happy and are always posting mushy romantic stuff about one another doesn’t mean they have it together.