When you’re getting married and your mum is a baker who has gone viral on the internet for her cakes once before… you know you can expect something huge.


For Toddreana Thomas of North Texas, that’s exactly what happened.

Her mother, Nikki Jackson, from Absolutely Edible Cakes, surprised her and her now husband Anttwon with a 7-foot chandelier cake suspended from the ceiling, covered in hundreds of rhinestones and more than 70 brooches.  She also used real glass crystals instead of the more common plastic kind for this style of cake.


The chandelier cake for her daughter and new son-in-law required a custom built stand and Nikki had to rent a truck just to deliver the cake.  She estimates that it was about $4,500 all up to make it. There was enough cake to feed more than 600 people.


“My daughter decided she definitely wanted me to make her cake. I have made thousands of wedding cakes but I wanted this to be the best cake ever for the best couple ever,” Nikki said on her Facebook page.


Nikki went viral several years ago with a life-size cake replica of a bride that still pops up on websites all the time whenever they talk about crazy, over-the-top cakes.


Images: Facebook/D.Lacy Photography/Absolutely Edible Cakes