You’ve probably read plenty of tips about looking fantastic on your wedding day… but have you given any thought to FEELING fantastic on the day as well?

The fact is you’re probably not going to feel like yourself, possibly wearing a layered gown you’ve needed a few mates to get you in to, tight undies, a million hairpins, lots of hairspray, heaps of makeup, and shoes that look amazing but aren’t entirely practical…

Here’s a few tips to help you to feel as comfortable on the day as possible!

1. Go easy on the shape wear

Squeezing yourself into shape wear that’s way too tight just isn’t worth how uncomfortable it is going to make you. You might manage to suck in one inch, but you are going to spend all day and all night wishing you hadn’t done it to yourself. You might even be too uncomfortable to hit the dance floor at your own amazing party!

2. Be prepared in case it gets cold

Even a summer wedding can happen on a day that ends up being cool. Or a cold change might come through and temperatures will drop in the evening. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have a wrap or a cute jacket to wear on top of your wedding dress if you need it.  You don’t want to be cold when you’re off getting your wedding photos taken, or when you’re mingling with your guests into the night – especially if you are having an outdoor reception, you’ll notice the temps can sometimes drop off very quickly once it gets dark.

3. Leave the lingerie for later

Your sexy lingerie you’ve bought for the wedding night might look really good, but it isn’t necessarily practical under your dress! And you might find yourself getting sweaty, so you may want to change into something fresh afterwards.

4. Stay cool and hydrated

Wedding dresses are way hotter than you expect, even if it isn’t a sweltering day. Pack a handheld fan in your bridal emergency kit to blow air where you need it (on your face, even under your dress!) Make sure you have plenty of water on hand – pack an esky to take in the wedding car – so you can stay hydrated, particularly if it’s a hot day and you are off for a while on your photo shoot.

5. Bring a spare pair of comfy shoes

Even if you have followed all our tips on avoiding wedding shoe disasters, you still might find your feet hurt by the reception. Pack some flats or other comfy shoes to wear, especially when you hit the dance floor, so you can enjoy the night pain-free!