The father/daughter dance is usually a very sweet moment in any wedding, but very rarely is it this entertaining!

Bride Mikayla Ellison from Utah in the USA and her dad Nathan surprised guests at her recent wedding with the most epic choreographed dance routine ever!

They performed a routine to a mash-up of hits – starting off with a traditional waltz to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” then busting some serous moves to the dance tunes starting with MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”.


Mikayla told Put A Ring On It that she and her dad had been talking about pulling off a routine like this for years.

“It definitely started as my dad’s idea though,” she said.

“He joked that he wouldn’t pay for my wedding unless I did a choreographed dance with him!”

And despite the polished performance, the pair didn’t actually choreograph it until the week od the wedding!

“But we had been talking about it for years saying things like, ‘Oh we should use that song!’ or ‘We should do that dance!'” she said.

“By the time it was the week of the wedding and we sat down to choreograph it, it was like it had been all choreographed already just from years of talking about it. Each of those songs have special meaning to us and we just kind of created our own masterpiece over time.”

The pair managed to keep it a secret from just about everyone – except Mikayla’s mother, the DJ and the videographer who had to be in on it.

“We wanted as many people to be surprised as possible, including my own brothers,” Mikayla said.

“My family’s reactions were the best.”

Despite having serious moves, Mikayla says her dad has never been a dancer.

“He has performed in several plays and musicals, but has never had technical dance training or anything like that. He’s actually a musician. He played drums in a band for several years. So with his rhythm and performance skills, he picked up dancing just fine,” she said.

“As you can probably tell, dancing comes very naturally to him! ”

As for the guests, they loved it.  Mikayla said that they would not stop “raving about the dance” for days afterwards.

“We had several friends and family members post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I knew my family and dancer friends would get a kick out of it, but I did not expect such a viral response! It seemed to be the highlight of the reception for everyone,” she said.