You’ve finally got the bling on your ring finger and you are flaunting it like there’s no tomorrow. You probably have no plans to take it off any time soon either. But did you know that if you haven’t taken it off to do these every day activities, you might be damaging your engagement ring without even realising it?

1. Sleeping with it on

Most brides don’t take their rings off, ever, even when they go to sleep. But while you’re sleeping you toss and turn and run the risk of your ring and the raised diamond setting can get caught on any loose threads that are in your bedding, or on your partner. While these are only small scratches and pulls, over time the damage mounts up meaning your ring is more prone to breaking.

2. Scouring pots and pans

Your ring will generally be fine to wear when you’re doing an ordinary load of washing up. But when you bring out the big guns to scrub and scour the hard to clean pots and pans you should take your ring off so it stays safe.  Metal scourers and abrasive chemicals can scratch your ring or eat away at the metal.

3. Cooking

If you’re getting your hands messy in the kitchen rolling dough, kneading bread, marinating meat and so on, you really need to take the ring off. These tasks are likely to leave remnants of food in the ring’s crevices. Who knows what sort of germs you’re going to be wearing around after a while.

4. Moisturising

If you rub moisturiser on to your skin without removing your ring, you’re going to cause it to dull and lose its shine. Your moisturiser will leave a thick residue on your ring that can discolour the stones and make it difficult to clean – more so if you have a white gold or platinum ring.

5. Exercising

Whether you hit the gym,  have a swim or engage in a hit of tennis, if you don’t take your ring off you’re going to damage it. Weights at the gym can scratch it, chlorine in swimming pools can wear the metal out, and tennis racquets can dent the metal. Leave it at home or pop it in the locker.

Image credit: Flickr/ilovebutter