Whether to invite kids to a wedding or not often ends up being controversial and people have very firm opinions on the topic either way.

A UK bride-to-be definitely stirred up a hornets nest when she posted on the parenting forum Mumsnet about wanting to ban kids from her wedding ceremony… at her destination wedding for 100 guests in Mexico!

RubyRed6867’s post sparked a debate after she revealed she wanted those who traveled to Mexico for her wedding to leave their kids with the hotel’s babysitter during the ceremony.

She wrote:

“The issue: DP and I are 100% sure we do not want children at the ceremony. We’ve been to too many weddings / events where screaming/chattering babies / toddlers have disrupted and we are too scared to take the risk for our own day. Children are more than welcome at the reception.

The issue is DPs brother, we are 99% sure they’ll come to Mexico (invites not sent yet) but I’m very nervous about saying “no children at the ceremony” considering they’ll have travelled all that way. DP is determined to stay firm and insist on no kids.

WWYD? Is it totally U to ask them to put their child in the kids club for an hour or so during the ceremony? I’m nervous of backing down and then having a 2 year old screaming over our vows and wishing we’d stuck to our guns, but equally am aware of what a big ask it is to leave a young child in a hotel kids club.”

The Mumsnet community was divided on the issue, with many believing that it isn’t fair to ask people to travel such a huge distance to a wedding only to have to put their kids with a babysitter.

“There is no way I’d make my two-year-old endure a long haul flight to be ditched with strangers on the other side of the world whilst I attended your ceremony,” one user said.

“I don’t think there’ll be many people who will fly their kids out to Mexico for your wedding to then leave them in a holiday club while they attend your ceremony,” said another.

“I think it’s utterly unreasonable to insist on a child free wedding when people are thousands of miles away from their regular childcare. A child free wedding when you might be able to leave your kid with someone they know or with a professional of your choice is one thing but where the only choice is a hotel kids club…no,”another chimed in.

She did get a few who were on her side, though.

“I don’t think you’re being unreasonable. You want Mexico and no kids, that’s your prerogative,” one user wrote.

“My friend had a destination wedding, I left my two year old at home with family. As did my friends, all of whom had children ranging from one to four years old. There was no issue there at all, and I actually preferred the break personally, although not everyone feels like that,” wrote another.

 Image: Flickr/Rachel Wilder