The average cost of a wedding in Australia was $30,985 in 2016, about $10,000 more than what couples actually budgeted for.

The findings are from a survey of more than 2,300 couples between August and September this year conducted by Australian wedding website Easy Weddings.
It found that Aussie couples are averaging a budget of around $20,913 for their wedding day, but are spending more than $30,985.
Hiring a venue is the biggest cost in the budget, averaging couples around $13,225.  But couples in South Australia are spending around $14,615 on their venues and Victorians are forking out an average of $14,320.
And when it came to choosing a location for getting married, 90 per cent of couples said they’d get hitched in their home state or territory, seven per cent would get married in another state and three per cent were opting to tie the knot overseas.
The wedding date was selected by 22 per cent of couples because of the season, while 16 per cent said their wedding date was significant to them, for example an anniversary.  Eleven per cent of couples chose their wedding date based on the availability of their preferred wedding venue.
Aussie brides are spending an average of $2,475 on their wedding dress, with 93 per cent of those surveyed saying they would purchase a gown rather than having one made.
The average age of the first-time bride in Australia was 28 and the first-time groom was 29.  Of these couples around 30 per cent have children (or are pregnant) on their wedding day. This includes 14 per cent of couples who have children together, and 10 per cent who have children from a previous relationship.