Single ladies, if you’re tired of guys who won’t commit and aren’t big on fidelity, online dating site EliteSingles has revealed the top 10 places in Australia where the men are most likely to be monogamous…and most of them are in New South Wales!

Dubbo, in the state’s west is the number one place in Australia for guys who dig monogamy.

EliteSingles anylised data from 13,000 Australian males who are registered with the website to see how closely they agreed with the statement “I believe monogamy is essential in a relationship”.

They were then able to determine the geographic locations where the most numbers of monogamous men can be found.

The top 10 locations were:

1.    Dubbo
2.    Bunbury
3.    Cairns
4.    Coffs Harbour
5.    Albury
6.    Orange
7.    Port Macquarie
8.    Surfers Paradise
9.    Geelong
10.  Melbourne

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According to EliteSingles’ psychologist Salama Marine, women who have been cheated on shouldn’t give up on looking for love.

“Unfortunately, many women have been cheated on in the past which has made them doubt the existence of men who believe in monogamy,” she said.

“Being cheated on is horrible. Unsurprisingly, it makes many people question the fidelity of men in general. But they shouldn’t allow it to let them lose faith in love!

“While many women have been unlucky enough to have been cheated on by someone they trusted, there are actually still plenty of men out there who do value monogamy and want to build a lasting and loving relationship. This study demonstrates that,” she said.