Junebug Weddings has revealed the top 50 wedding photos of 2016 in its annual Best of the Best Wedding Photo Collection.

The comp has been running for the last eight years, and this year there were nearly 9,000 photos submitted from photographers from 50 different countries.

“What makes me so proud of this year’s collection is that you can feel the emotions of a wedding day through these 50 images,” General Manager and Editor-in Chief, Carrie Schwab, said.

“It’s a powerfully emotive experience. Of course, our collection would not have been possible without the hundreds of photographers who submitted imagery.”

Some of the best pics are below:

586d25af1500002c00917288Víctor Lax Photography

586d25a31500002c00917283Cheese N Click Photography
586d259a1500002e00e9e615Andy Gaines Photography
586d259e1500002e00e9e616Danelle Bohane
586d25a01900002a000e2ebfGustavo Franco Fotografia
586d259f1900002a000e2ebeDan O’Day Photography
586d25971500002f00e9e614 The Twins Weddings
586d259f1500002300917280Danelle Bohane
586d259d1500002c0091727fDavid West Photography
586d25ac1500002c00917286Roy Nuesca Photography
586d25a71500002c00917284Two Mann Studios
586d25a41900002b000e2ec0Nordica Photography
586d25a91900002b000e2ec3Lauren Louise Photography