Popping the question can be nerve-wracking for blokes, especially when it comes to finding the right sparkler.

Committing to a ring can be problematic: what if she doesn’t like it or, worse, says no after splashing all that cash on it?

In fact research has shown that 72% of women wouldn’t trust their partner to pick an engagement ring that they like!

There’s a new trend for guys who want to pop the question and avoid getting the wrong bling: proposing with a “dummy” engagement ring.

A UK jeweler, Beaverbrooks, has introduced a new line of realistic-looking dummy rings in 15 different styles, made with Cubic Zirconias. The idea is that once a man has proposed with a dummy ring, the wife-to-be can then try it on to see if she likes it, or if she’d prefer a different style.


The ring on the left is a dummy ring, the one on the right is its diamond counterpart, from Beaverbrooks.

Of course this isn’t going to be for everyone. In fact couples shopping for a ring together is a growing trend. But it’s a handy option for the guy who wants to go the traditional route but doesn’t want to disappoint.


Top image: Flickr/Shaun Anyi