You want your hair to look amazing for your wedding and in photos… but you’re getting married in summer in Australia and there’s humidity expected. And your hair and humidity DO NOT mix. What should you do?

Be prepared

Some parts of Australia are humid all year round, others just enjoy it at certain times of the year. If you know you’re getting married at a time/location where you can expect humidity, start prepping your hair.

Dry hair encourages frizz and fly-aways as it’s extremely absorbent. The best way to combat this is to keep it well-moisturised before your wedding day. Try using deep conditioning serums and treatments in the lead up to the wedding day so your hair is as strong and heat resistant as can be.

The night before your wedding, wash your hair so it can dry naturally. A blow drier will dehydrate your hair and that will make it frizzy from the get-go.

On the wedding day

Apply a heat-resistant balm or serum on your hair for the day, or ask your hair stylist to apply one. Don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll have a lot of greasy product on your hair. You need to get the balance right – just enough to protect it from the frizz.

When your hairstyle is completed, seal it off with a strong hold hairspray. But only use a light coating… you just need enough for it to hold. Too much will make it sticky looking or too stiff.

Brides in humid climates often think an up-do will be the easiest style for the conditions, but this isn’t always the only way you can wear your hair. You can have it half down or completely down with flowing curls.

Because longer hair has more weight, this can actually help minimise frizz. But if you know you are prone to sweating it’s probably a good idea to keep your hair off  your neck.

You will know how your hair behaves in the humidity and heat – if you have extremely uncooperative hair and don’t think you can pull off flowing locks, then stick with the structured up-do.