Kylie Minogue is a household name, but the star has revealed she’s planning on changing it when she gets married.

The 48-year-old Aussie pop diva is engaged to 28-year-old Joshua Sasse. He proposed last February after a six-month romance.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kylie said she thinks combining her first name with his surname would make a “great stage name”.

“Sasse is a great name,” she told the publication.

“Kylie Sasse is a great name. It’s a great stage name. Kylie Minogue has never exactly tripped off the tongue. I’ll definitely be taking Sasse but there will be Minogue in there somewhere. Taking a different name makes a statement,” she said.

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Kylie also revealed that her engagement bling is vintage.

“Josh told me it was made in 1908,” she told the Daily Mail.

“For me, it is perfect. I’m not the sort of girl who would wear a solitaire. He got exactly the right ring for me. I love it. I love wearing it and I love what it represents,” she said.

But don’t expect wedding bells for the pair any time soon. They announced last year that they won’t get hitched until same sex marriage is legal in Australia – a nod to Kylie’s status as a gay icon.


“I’m happy enjoying being engaged, it’s a lovely time we have together,” Kylie said.

‘There’s no pressure. My mum isn’t buying a hat. Everyone is very happy for us as we are. My parents love him. Everybody in my family thinks he’s wonderful.”

Top image: Instagram/Kylie Minogue