A Reddit user has shared photos of antique packages containing wedding cakes from a wedding that took place a very long time ago – 117 years to be exact.

User millionsarescreaming shared the pics of the packages wrapped in wax paper, cardboard and twine with pink ribbon that’s now a bit faded, but its colour still obvious.

The boxes say: Ethel Cornelia Peirce married January 1st 1900 (age 20) to Louis Victor Seydel. Ethel’s wedding.

The user wrote:

“A beautiful find in the archive.

“Pieces of wedding cake saved since 1900…thought it was super romantic.”

One commenter asked to take a look inside and the original poster responded: “We weren’t brave enough to open it but when we shook the boxes a little it made a hard thunk noise. Probably not much to see but dust and dehydrated cake square.”

Image source: Imgur

Online research shows that Ethel and Louis – who preferred to be known by their middle names Cornelia and Victor – were married until Louis Victor’s death in 1931.

They had an eventful marriage – Louis Victor was a New York stock broker who shot a man for trespassing on his property in 1910 – later being acquitted of manslaughter by a jury. They had two children together – Frances who became an astronomer and academic and Louis Victor Junior who worked as a radio and television executive. Ethel Cornelia died in 1970.