An American bride surprised her groom by showing up for the “first look” before their wedding dressed in an inflatable T-Rex costume.

Elizabeth Rex Hundley married Tom Gardner in North Carolina last November and told The Huffington Post she anted to see the look on the groom’s face when he saw her in her costume.

“My mother’s maiden name and my middle name is Rex,” she told the publication.

“So I thought it would be funny to wear the costume on the day I would go from a Rex/Hundley to a gardner.”

“I even had my bridesmaids take pictures of me the day before the wedding holding a sign that said: ‘Today a Rex, tomorrow a Gardner.”


Tom’s reaction was priceless, but he definitely took it in the spirit intended. “I was floored, completely and utterly surprised at what she did,” he told HuffPost.

“I was totally disarmed and could not stop from bursting with laughter. It was just so her.”

Elizabeth didn’t keep the costume on for the rest of the wedding day. She was wearing her wedding gown underneath the outfit and is seen in the first look video asking Tom to help her remove the costume, revealing her gown.