In your mind your wedding day will go absolutely perfectly and look like something from all those photos on your Pinterest board.   But no matter what you plan there are still things that can go wrong.

From uncooperative pooches to wardrobe malfunctions, weddings, like life, can be unpredictable.

Wedding photography website MyWed has announced the winners of its “EPIC FAIL” competition capturing moments from weddings that didn’t go as planned.

These pics just go to show that you can still get great shots even if something goes wrong!Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli
Photo: Mark Wallis
Photo: Alessandro Giannini
Photo: Yulia Frantova
Photo: Pedro Cabrera
Photo: Gap Antonino Gitto
Photo: Denis Persenen
Photo: Andreu Doz
Photo: Michele Monasta
Photo: Denis Koshel


Photos used with permission from MyWed.