Serious brownie points go to 24 year old Nick Janevski who surprised his girlfriend Austin McMillan by proposing to her in front of her favourite singer – Celine Dion.

Nick managed to surprise Celine as well when he popped the question to Austin during a meet and greet session after one of her shows in Las Vegas.

Nick, a former personal trainer to Celine’s manager, planned the proposal for months. He was able to arrange backstage passes and then arranged to be last during the meet and greet so nobody else except them and Celine would be there.

According to Cosmopolitan, Austin was totally not expecting it.

“I was completely shocked. I didn’t even say yes [right away]. That’s why her face was like that,” referring to Celine’s shocked expressions.

“We were taking a picture and all of a sudden he gets down on one knee. I froze. I didn’t say anything, I just smiled. Two minutes went by and she got really nervous… she hid behind a curtain! She was like, ‘This is embarrassing.’ I just kissed him.”

Celine then gave the couple her blessing and checked out the bling.

“It’s kind of a blur but she was very sweet. She said that she wished us a long and happy marriage like she had with her husband. She complimented my ring and also asked if she could come to the wedding,” Austin said.


When even Céline Dion can't believe it 😂❤ #celinedion#proposal#caesarspalace

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Austin also told Cosmo that My Heart Will Go On is her fave Celine song and will probably be played at their wedding.

Top image: By Anirudh Koul – Celine Dion Concert, CC BY 2.0,