When it comes to dating and relationships, everyone has their breaking point.   What might seem petty to one person is really, super-important to another.

Australian dating app TwoPeas surveyed more than 1,500 Gen Ys to find out what their top deal-breakers were in a relationship.

Sex before marriage was one of the biggest deals for Aussie singles, with 96 per cent agreeing that sex before marriage is a “must” in a relationship.

Honesty and loyalty are right up there too – 91 per cent of singles hoped to be with someone who has never cheated on a partner before.

Open relationships are definitely not for everyone, with  79 per cent revealing that they wanted to date someone who is happy with only one partner.

Employment was also a big dealio – 75 per cent of the singles surveyed said they wanted someone who was employed full-time.

Other deal breakers included:

  • Wanting someone who believes man walked on the moon – 93 per cent
  • The other partner needs to believe in global warning – 88 per cent
  • Not wanting someone who has kids – 81 per cent
  • Partner who must be willing to have kids in the future – 68 per cent
  • Not being able to stand the sound of someone eating, especially loudly – 57 per cent
  • Someone who drinks instant coffee – 49 per cent!