While we wait to find out if the movie La La Land will scoop the Oscars next week, here’s something that will make you swoon with delight – a Los Angeles couple’s engagement shoot that was inspired by the romance of the film.

The Academy Awared-nominated film stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as a struggling actress and ambitious jazz pianist who begin a romance as they follow their dreams in Los Angeles.

Photographer Marlies Hartmann from M.Hart Photography drew major inspo from the film when she captured the romance between couple Ellen Wleklinski and Corey Collins at some of the locations where the film was shot… and the results are just breathtaking!

“This was the first movie inspired shoot I’ve done. I have a feeling it won’t be the last!” Marlies told Put A Ring On It.

“It made for such a fun environment for both me and Ellen and Corey, especially because the film resonated with them deeply as a couple.

“Their only hesitation was that Mia and Sebastian don’t end up together in the film… so I reassured them that our version would tell the story of their alternate ending… where they lived happily ever after in La La Land,” she said.

Marlies told The Huffington Post: “Ellen and Corey’s relationship encapsulates the same romance, passion, playfulness and chemistry that was felt between Mia and Sebastian throughout the film.”

“Not only did they resemble the characters physically, but their relationship embodies all the best elements of Gosling and Stone seen in the movie,” Marlies told HuffPo.


“I was initially hesitant to suggest it to them since I wasn’t sure if they had seen or even liked the movie, but I threw out the idea and they loved it!” she told HuffPost.

“They were both huge fans of the film, and Ellen always felt that Corey looked like her own personal Ryan Gosling!” 

Marlies told Put A Ring On It that the feedback from the couple and their family and friends has been really great.

“We’ve kept a lot of the photos under wraps, but the little we showed in the past week or so had a fabulously positive response,” she said.

“Everyone has been as in love with the photos as they have with the film! Timeless. Classic. Romance!”

Photographs courtesy of M.Hart Photography, used with permission.