For all you unicorn fans out there – and we know there’s a LOT of you – prepare to completely lose your shizznit coveting this exclusive unicorn croquembouche cake from a London cake designer.

It’s only available from Agnes de Sucre bakery in London. Each one takes three days to make and the cake maker will only make one each month!

A traditional French croquembouche is a pyramid formation made from profiteroles. and covered with spun caramelised sugar. Agnes de Sucre cake artist Reshmi Bennett has taken that to a whole new level with her stunning Horn of the Unicorn croquembouche that is made with macarons, doughnuts, eclaires, profiteroles, candied popcorn, buttercream flowers and Ferrero Rocher icecream cones.

Reshmi explained on Instagram that it takes three days to make one because she makes theΒ  whole thing from scratch.

” The cake sponges are baked, cooled, trimmed and frosted then carved and need time to “set” before all the other stuff goes on,” she said.

“Oh yeah, all the other stuff – macarons, ganaches, buttercreams, eclairs, profiteroles, piped flowers, mini cones, doughnuts et al also need to be made and decorated BEFORE we even think about putting it all together,” she said.

She also explained that she only makes one per month because there are lots of other orders for other cakes she needs to make.

“And my body feels like it’s done a marathon after I do one of these,” she said.

Top image: Agnes de Sucre