If you’re looking for some non-traditional engagement bling, aquamarine is a great choice for the bride who loves blue… and it’s also the birthstone for March.

Aquamarine is the Latin word for seawater, and the mineral closely represents the beautiful colours you will find in the ocean, from an almost transparent pale blue through to deeper azure hues.

If you think a little something blue on your ring finger might be for you, check out these amazing sparklers for inspo!

1. Tiffany Soleste Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

2. Aquamarine and diamond white gold ring

3. Round cut white gold aquamarine ring

4. Platinum round solitaire aquamarine diamond ring

5.  Elsa Peretti Color By The Yard Ring

6. Aquamarine and diamond halo ring

7. 14K white gold oval aquamarine and diamond ring with halo setting

8. 10Kt white gold aquamarine and diamond ring

9. Raven AQ ring

10. Aquamarine and diamond cluster ring

11. 18K white gold aquamarine willow ring