Geodes have been huge in wedding styling over the last year or so.  But you don’t just have to limit the trend to your wedding cake or decor – you can now draw inspiration from geodes for your wedding hair!

Geode hair is currently taking over Insta – with styles imitating geodes, the rocks that have a hollow cavity lined with crystals.


Hair styled this way will take inspiration from the depth and colour that you find in the crystals and apply it in an almost ombre-like way.

Sometimes it is hidden in the hair to be shown in one area only if  you want it.

Usually the trend is being applied by using typical amethyst-inspired colours like soft blue and purple tones, but others are rocking it with brighter colours like green and pink.

The look is achieved by your hairdresser lightening the ends of your hair, toning it to a white blonde, and then layering the colours – darker ones on the ends, and lighter ones up further in the hair.

If you’re not afraid of doing a bit unconventional, it could work with  your geode theme and colour styling on your day.

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