A quirky Korean beauty product has become one of the hottest must-have products for brides prepping for their big day, thanks to an Instagram post featuring Hollywood A-lister Emma Stone.

Back in January, make-up artist to the stars Rachel Goodwin posted a pic of the star to her Insta account, seemingly goofing off while wearing jelly oversized lips, before the Golden Globes.

What she was wearing was a hot Korean beauty product that will cost you about $4 – a collagen lip mask.

According to Pinterest, brides-to-be are the group who have shown the most interest in this product since that pic blew up Insta, with pins about collagen lip masks up 388%.

There’s several different brands of Korean lip masks out there, but they all work pretty much the same way. You stick one to your lips for about 20 minutes and when you peel it off you should have softer and slightly plumper lips.  Devotees of the masks reckon the effects last for several hours after you use one.