Wearing layers and layers of expensive wedding dress often leaves brides with one dreaded problem: what to do when nature calls.

Often it can take several bridesmaids to help hold up all that lace, tulle, satin and other material to ensure the bride doesn’t soil it when she needs to pop to the loo.

A genius product promises to make all that a thing of the past.


The Bridal Buddy is an undergarment slip  that you put on before your gown. It features a drawstring that allows the dress to be scrunched up easily.  When it’s time to go to the loo, the bride just needs to pull up the hem of the Bridal Buddy, taking the skirt with it. They slip their arms through a pair of holes, and tighten the Buddy around their neck to secure the dress.

A Bridal Buddy will set you back $39.95 USD – and they ship internationally.

Top image: Bridal Buddy