An Indonesian bakery is creating elaborate wedding cakes to look like amazing architecture – so beautiful it seems a shame to cut them up and eat them.

The creations by LeNovelle Cake – a family-run Jakarta bakery – can span as high as seven metres tall.

The bakery specialises in architectural design and creates masterpieces from fairy-tale castles through to cathedrals and mansions. Each creation features intricately detailed design elements like turrets, pillars, balconies and spires.

It takes on average three weeks to one month just to create one of these cakes, according to Tiffany Riyadi whose parents run the bakery.

She told the Daily Mail:Β  β€œWe love putting in personal touches that show our clients their cake is truly made for them and is all about them.”

Tiffany also said that the pics of these stunning creations on Instagram – which are pretty jaw-dropping – don’t even begin to do the cakes justice!

She said theyΒ  β€œdo not show the true scale and enormity of the cake themselves.”

In fact these cakes are so huge, transporting them requires logistical planning.

“We have to transport the cakes in parts,” Tiffany told the Daily Mail.

“Usually we need two trucks to carry a structural cake. Otherwise they won’t fit through a normal car door,” she said.

“We will then have a team of staff to repair any damage during transportation, assemble the cake and sugar flowers and do the finishing touches.

“The largest of our cakes required five trucks and eight man hours to assemble.”

The cakes are often fitted with lighting to add that extra wow-factor.

β€œFor the interior lights, we hollow out the structure and install a small light bulb in it.Β Depending on the request we can then connect the cable to a battery, or simply connect the wires to a power outlet,” Tiffany said.

One of these babies will cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $500,000!