Tinder has a bit of a reputation for being the place to go for casual sex hook ups and time wasting sleazes who send dick pics.

In an attempt to dispel myths about online dating, the matchmaking platform has released the findings from research its carried out that shows a lot of people are finding monogamous long-term relationships by swiping right.

Over the last 4.5 years, Tinder has become one of the world’s most widely used¬† dating platform. Some 1.6 billion swipes happen every single day on the app.

Tinder has released the Modern Dating Myths survey capturing responses from more than 9,000 men and women in the USA to compare and contrast their dating related habits both online and offline.

Tinder arranged for Morar Consulting to survey 7,072 Tinder users aged 18 to 36 and a separate survey was given to 2,502 people who dated offline, who were aged between 18 and 35.


“Over the past five years, dating apps like Tinder have played such a significant role in connecting people for the long term,” said Tinder Sociologist, Dr. Jess Carbino.

“While hesitation to use Tinder might stem from negative preconceived notions, we’ve actually proven that singles will find just as much, if not more, success using dating apps than dating solely offline.”

The top four myths Tinder claims to have dispelled are:

1. Dating apps make it hard for anyone to find a committed relationship

Tinder says people who date online are likely to have more committed relationships than those who do not date online. Only nine per cent of Tinder users reported that found it challenging to maintain a committed relationship; significantly lower than the national average.

2. Online dating is hard with lots of pick-up lines and ghosting

The survey findings claim that online daters don’t need a pick-up line; they are conversationalists who show an interest in others. Only 16 per cent of singles who have never online dated and don’t plan to report opening a conversation with an observation versus nearly 30 per cent of those who have previously dated online. When initiating conversations, offline daters are nearly 10 per cent more likely than Tinder users to initiate with a generic opening.

3. Only really hot people find success on dating apps

Tinder users said that age and education were their top two most important factors when finding someone to date, with appearance in third place. People who don’t use online apps to date also said education was just as important when considering a potential date as those who use online apps do.

4. People only use online dating apps to hook up and probably spread STDs

The survey found that online daters practiced safe sex more than those who date offline. Nearly 70 per cent of Tinder users said they always use condoms when having sex with a new partner for the first time, compared to 58 per cent of people who find dates offline.

5. Online dating has killed monogamous relationships

Tinder’s data reveals that just nine per cent of its male users report that maintaining a committed relationship is difficult, compared with 30 per cent of men who are dating offline.

6. People don’t use online apps to find love

Tinder also says that the perception that users aren’t using online dating to find love is misinformed. They say that 35 per cent of online daters say “I love you” within the first three months of a relationship. For offline daters the percentage is slightly lower at 30 per cent.


You can read all the findings from Tinder’s survey here.