Heels definitely aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time, and for some the thought of having to wear them all day on at a wedding inspires nothing but dread.

There’s lots of solutions out there for the bride who doesn’t want heels. Flats, sandals, going barefoot on the beach, even sneakers. Now there’s also a range of Crocs for weddings.

I know some hardcore Crocs devotees who will not hear a bad word about the clumpy plastic footwear, so I’m sure if they were to get married any time soon they’d be overjoyed.

According to the official Crocs website:

“Whether you’re looking for comfortable shoes for the ceremony and the dance floor, or you’re looking for cute shoes for the flower girl, we’ve got you covered. ”

So for starters you’re probably expecting a white version of their iconic classic clog, and  you won’t be let down because that definitely features in their bridal range.


But I will admit to being surprised that there are some rather cute shoes I would never have expected to be Crocs that are part of the collection.

Or this one

Even if it isn’t your thing for yourself, there’s also some cute options for flowergirls:



The wedding Crocs might also be a good option for later in the night when you want to dance, but you don’t want to wear thongs under your dress.

Images: Crocs.com