Getting a dress that all bridesmaids can agree on can be a big-time headache.  So it’s little wonder that lots of bridesmaids secretly – or not-so-secretly – HATE the dress they have to wear on the day.

But the number of bridesmaids who hate their dresses is higher than we imagined. A survey of 100women  by UK retailer Simply Be found that 78 per cent of bridesmaids hated their dress!

Despite the high figure of dress-haters, most bridesmaids don’t make a big deal out of it – 86 per cent said that you should just go along with the bride’s choice of gown and wear it “without complaint”.

But two per cent said said they’d actually refuse to be a bridesmaid full stop if they were made to wear a fug dress.

The women surveyed most hated the colour peach for a bridesmaid dress, followed by pistachio green, yellow and lilac.

Colours they loved most were teal blue, neutral, nude and cream shades and purple and aubergine tones.

Frills, ruffles, puff sleeves and faux satin were styles that were most hated. If you want to keep your ‘maids happy you should go for fitted, floor-length evening styles with V-necks.

Fancy dress and themed wedding outfits also got the thumbs down.

When it comes to paying for the dress, having to pay for it themselves is a pet hate for many bridesmaids, which 29 per cent said they’d been asked to do.

Only a fifth of women who had been bridesmaids more than once said they had work a dress that suited their figure that they liked.

Of those who said they liked their dress, 31 per cent said they had either been allowed to choose their own or had been given significant input into the decision making.

But don’t expect to see the dress again any time soon – just 16 per cent of the women surveyed said they had either worn the frock again or were expecting they would in the future.