You often see newly engaged celebs sporting golf-ball sized rocks on their ring finger… which can seem OTT and impractical by a normal person’s standards.

So at what point does an engagement ring start to become considered “big” by an average person’s standards?

Fashion title Who What Wear asked five diamond experts to talk about what they think that size would be and the result, based on their answers was 2.4 carats.


The average engagement ring sold today is about 1 carats and 2 carat diamond rings make up only about 5 per cent of all engaement rings sold.

But to put that in perspective compared with celeb engagement bling – the rock Mariah Carey wore when she was engaged to Aussie billionaire James Packer was 30 carats.

Kim Kardashian’s current engagement ring – the once that Kanye bought her after she was robbed in Paris last year  – is 20 carats. The stolen bling was 15 carats.

Kate Middleton’s iconic sapphire ring, that previously belonged to Princess Diana is 18 carats and features a 12-carat cut sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Speaking of royalty, Queen B – Beyonce – also has an 18 carat ring worth more than $5 million from when husband Jay Z decided he liked it and wanted to put a ring on it.