If you don’t think that guests with mobile phones, tablets and cameras are a bit OTT at modern weddings, findings from a new poll might change your mind.

UK online phone retailer Mobiles.co.uk polled 1,015 recently married or engaged couples and 1,015 recent wedding guests to ask them questions about the role of photography at a wedding.

They found that, on average, a bride and groom are photographed more than 3,000 times throughout the wedding day.  This means when you add in the professional photographer’s images,  couples are being snapped once every six seconds on their big day.

More than three-quarters of guests who were polled (77 per cent) said they will use their phone to capture special moments on the day.

Of the guest photos that are taken, around a third (29 per cent) are out on social media while 39 per cent are shared with the bride and groom.

Less than a third (29 per cent) of guests print the photos they take.  One in ten said they will turn the wedding photos they take into a wedding gift.

If this many people taking photos on your wedding day seems overwhelming, you can always opt for an unplugged wedding – especially during the ceremony – to allow your professional photographer to do their job unhindered and to encourage your guests to be truly present in witnessing your marriage.

Top image: Flickr/Bert Palmer