A new survey has found how technology has changed the way people are increasingly relying on technology when it comes to their sex lives, dating habits and sexual education.

The period-tracking app Clue and Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute polled more than 140,000 of its app users – 96 per cent of which identified as women. They were were all 18 years of age or older and lived throughouto 198 different countries in June.


The survey revealed that 30 per cent of respondents use dating apps – but its not just about hook-ups. 15 per cent said they used the apps to find a partner, while 10 per cent used apps to find a one-night stand.

Swedes were the most likely to use apps to find a partner with 46 per cent saying they’ve used a dating app, while Russians were the least likely with just three per cent admitting to using dating apps.

“Technology is tightly interwoven with our daily lives, and we use it to connect with and manage many of the things that are most important to us. As our survey shows, this includes love and sex — a large number of people engage with technology not only to meet partners, but also to learn more about sex, to track their own sexual experiences, and to improve their sexual relationships,” said Amanda Gesselman, a research scientist at the Kinsey Institute.

“While there are many reports on the consequences of technology on our private lives, these results relay a more positive story: that people are leaning on technology to help them create better experiences for themselves and their partners. By conducting research on the impact of technology on people’s sexual relationships, we’re beginning to better understand how these technologies are being used, what positive outcomes they may bring about, and how they might be improved,” she said.

18 per cent of respondents said they used technology to learn about sex, while 12 per cent said they used apps to help improve their relationships. Men were more likely than women to use apps to improve their sexual relationships, with 23 per cent saying they did this.

Tracking sexual activity using tech proved quite popular with 40 per cent of respondents saying they used tech in this way. However, only three per cent used an app to track sexual satisfaction and just one per cent used apps to track sexually transmitted diseases.

Unsurprisingly, sexting was also something many people said they used technology for. 67 per cent of respondents said they had sexted, while 41 per cent said they did so by SMS. 43 per cent of 18 to 20 year olds said they use Snapchat to sext.