One wedding gown will be worn by 12 brides in one year.

Originally owned by Dawnetta Heinz in Omaha, Nebraska, in the USA, the gown will be passed on to the other women reminiscent of how the jeans travel around the world in the book and movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

According to Yahoo Style, Dawnetta was getting ready to move house after celebrating her first wedding anniversary when she had to decide what to do with her wedding dress. Not sure if she should preserve it for her daughter or just pack it away with her other things, she posted on a Facebook group offering to give it to a bride who couldn’t afford to buy the dress of her dreams… and now not one but 12 brides will walk down the aisle in it.


“If we can help somebody else feel good on their special day, I would love to do that,” Dawnetta told Yahoo Style.

“I had so many people messaging me telling me their story, how they couldn’t afford it, how they’d have to go to Goodwill,” she said.

“Then I just commented on the post, ‘What would you guys think if we just passed the dress on to the next person?’ And one of the girls said, ‘Yeah, it could be like sisterhood of the traveling dress!’ ”

The first to wear it will be Arianna Pro who is going to renew her vows to her husband of six years on a yacht in San Francisco this week.

“We had just lost a son, and we just needed a little light, a little love,” Pro told Yahoo Style.

“We got married at the courthouse. Now we have four children and kind of have the means to do it right, and have them be there with us to let them see that mommy and daddy love each other still.”

Once Arianna wears it, she’ll pack it up and send it on to the next person on the list.

Dawnetta said she hopes that the brides will keep on passing it along, as long as it will hold up with wear and dry-cleaning.

Top image: Pinterest