For some brides-to-be, the idea of having to spend their wedding day with a camera following them around sounds like their idea of hell.  Whether they just don’t like getting their photo taken, full stop, or they fear that they won’t know how to act when the camera is on them – it can be extremely daunting.

Melbourne-based model, Yana Martens, has a solution for the camera-phobic brides-to-be: she’s running what she calls a “Bridal Masterclass” where she offers her hints, tips and insights into getting comfortable in front of the lens.

“I’ve successfully worked with professional artists and photographers in both Russia and Australia,” Yana told Put A Ring On It. 

“My experience as an international model – combined with a degree in psychology – gives me unique insights into how to build camera confidence in any situation,” she said.

Yana has been modelling for more than 12 years and says it’s her passion.

“It’s always surprised me how many people hate being photographed. I want to change that. I want to help your personality to shine through, so others see the “real you.””


Yana says that the Bridal Masterclass evolved as she saw that there was a need for a service like hers.

“I first started running classes for aspiring models, then many beginner-photographers became interested in learning how to pose people more effectively,” she said.

“Eventually, the ‘Posing Model’ concept developed into a series of ‘Posing People’ workshops.

“And, of course, everyone wants to feel less stressed and rushed on their wedding day. It’s one of the most important days of your life – you should feel self-assured! So I created a special masterclass to help brides and grooms feel more camera confident.”

“I enjoy helping people forget about their complexes in front of the camera,” Yana said.

“Everyone has an inner beauty that can be captured by the camera. You can learn to be more photogenic by using special posing techniques and improving your facial expressions. I can teach you how to enhance your best features and avoid unflattering angles.”

Don't forget about the back of the dress!👗

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By taking one of Yana’s Bridal Masterclasses, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Build your confidence in front of the camera
  2. Understand the different posing techniques for individuals and couples
  3. Choose the right wedding photographer, and
  4. Organise your wedding day photography schedule.

“It’s not just about the photos. It’s about boosting your self-esteem,” Yana explains.

“My Masterclasses can also be tailored to match your needs. For, example, we can concentrate on posing in your wedding dress, or spend more time polishing your perfect smile.

“I do recommend including your husband-to-be in the workshop but its also beneficial for brides to attend by themselves,” she said.


Yana offers her Bridal Masterclasses in William Street in the Melbourne CBD – right next to the Flagstaff Gardens – which she utilises if the weather is nice.  She’s also happy to travel to other locations by arrangement.

Yana’s top five tips for brides-to-be regarding their wedding photography:

– choose the right photographer that you feel comfortable with

– don’t underestimate time you need on the day to achieve great photos

– practice posing techniques before wedding (mirror/ engagement photoshoot)

– choose the right wedding dress that fits and looks good in photos

– embrace your genuine self and enjoy the process


For more information, visit Yana’s website. You can read feedback from her previous brides here.