What would you do if you found out your partner was swiping right on Tinder?

A new survey by law firm Slater and Gordon has found that 30 per cent of those surveyed admitted to using a dating app while in a relationship with someone else.

They polled 2,100 people in the UK and found 35 per cent of respondents thought swiping left or right while in a relationship is a form of “insurance policy” letting them look at the talent available elsewhere.

One in five said that it’s just part of modern-day dating and they “wouldn’t mind” if their partner was using a dating app.


Just under half of the men (46 per cent) who were surveyed admitted to using the modern dating tool while in a relationship, while only 21 per cent of women surveyed said they had done so.

Among the top reasons why they had strayed onto a dating app, ten percent said they were ‘bored’, nine percent said their ‘sex life was dwindling’ and seven percent said they were ‘arguing a lot’ (seven percent) with their partner.

The law firm commissioned the research after noticing an increase in dating apps being cited in divorce proceedings in recent years.


The research also found one in five of the 2,100 Brits who were surveyed didn’t consider being on a dating app while in a relationship as cheating.

But  51 per cent said they would dump their partner if they found them looking online for a new love and. Half said they would expect their partners to quit dating apps as soon as they became official.



  1. Think before reacting.
  2. Don’t react in anger, particularly online. Remember anything published online could be there for life – a post may be deleted in two seconds but another person’s screenshot of it won’t be.
  3. Talk to your partner – understand why they have done what they have.
  4. If you find your partner is cheating or talking to another person and talking to them doesn’t work, consider marriage counselling and discussing what you are both prepared to accept in your relationship in terms of social media use.
  5. If you believe the marriage has broken down or may break down, it is worth considering obtaining independent legal advice to understand your options and protect yourself in the short and long term.