If you’re addicted to Snapchat, you’ve probably got plans to Snap at the next wedding you’re invited to. Before you do, you should consider these essential dos and don’ts.


  • Ask permission from the couple if they are cool with you Snapchatting their wedding ceremony. They might want an unplugged wedding, meaning you should respect their wishes and put your phone down.
  • Capture guest moments. While you’ll want to get pics of the bride and groom, capturing the action they might miss will be appreciated more.
  • Use Snapchat’s Memories feature. This will let you save your Snaps before you re-post them to your story throughout the day.
  • Save your story and download it to your phone. You can then save the video file with the bride and groom and other guests via text or email. Otherwise your pics will disappear within 24 hours.


  • Snapchat the bride or groom before they see one another. One of them might view your Snap Story beforehand, ruining the surprise.
  • Send Snaps of the wedding directly to people who weren’t invited. You don’t know the reasons why they weren’t invited and there could be hurt feelings involved.
  • Use an inappropriate filter that could ruin the moment.
  • Interrupt intimate moments just to get a Snapchat.