If you’ve decided to change your name after you get married (and there’s no law that says you HAVE to) there’s a few things you’ll need to take care of to do it all legally.

You will need to get a copy of your marriage certificate. The commemorative certificate your celebrant/priest/minister gives you at your ceremony isn’t going to cut the mustard, unfortunately.

You will actually need to apply to the register of births, deaths and marriages in your state to get an official certificate – this is usually available a few weeks after you tie the knot once your celebrant has lodged all the paperwork.

With this certificate, you can then legally change your name on all of your identification documents. There is even an Easy Name Change Kit you can buy which will send you all the documents you need in one handy bundle so you save time.
If you want to save money and do it yourself, you can change the name on all of your documents like driver’s license, passport, bank accounts and so on, by contacting each institution directly. It will make the process easier if you start with the licence and passport.

You should also give yourself a timeline to get everything done so you can avoid living a dual existence. You don’t want to be in a situation where your bank has you listed under one name, while your new driver’s licence says you have another one.

Find out how to contact the Births, Deaths and Marriages register in your state or territory here.

Image credit: Flickr/Alexandre Delbos