Mummy blogger Constance Hall has married her partner Denim Cooke in a secret wedding.

The controversial and often polarising blogger shared a snap of her wedding day on Instagram with a caption that read “From the bottom of my heart. I’ve never been this happy in my life.”


It’s believed the pair were married at Karriview Lodge, Cowaramup in Westrn Australia on Saturday.

Constance, who is pregnant with her fifth child, wore a boho gown by label IXIAH, while Denim wore an open white shirt that partially bared his chest, a patterned scarf, hat and bare feet.

Earlier she wrote on Facebook that the wedding almost didn’t go ahead as they had been fighting all week and she had to eat an entire jar of Cadbury almonds for the nerves.

Meanwhile, Denim shared a photo to his own followers on Facebook and said:

“The moment that con walked out of the forest a tear was torn in the fabric of time , u probably felt it ….she appeared to me after a rapturous applause at the end of the forest aisle… my heart immediately sank … I tried to compose myself but my my throat spasmed with that weird lump it gets and my tears flowed like rain . This woman was not from earth . She was translucent, ethereal and walking my way to become my wife.

You have never seen and entrance like this woman created … sexy as fuck with the sexiest sass that rivaled any sex symbol of any time period.

Our ceremony was perfect… it was low key , in the forest and we did it on our terms. We are the real deal … here to help, inspire and share our journey.”

There are so many avenues this blog could take . I could talk about the week leading to the wedding, I could talk about…

Posted by The Cooke Trinity on Sunday, January 7, 2018